Joining Quipper

April 1, 2016 oss lang-en

※ Japanese version is here.

I’m so happy to announce that today is my first day at Quipper as an Android developer.

Actually Quipper became a member of Recruit Group last year, so it’s not a career change, fortunately :-)


I had involved in the development of JyukenSapuri, but it was decided that JyukenSapuri is going to shut down and launch bland-new product, StudySapuri.

In other words…I was kinda laid off!

But I really felt that educational service like JyukenSapuri is absolutely meaningful and has a huge potential.

So I applied to an in-house job offer and somehow got the chance again.

At the same time I realized that Quipper is pretty challenging place for especially Android developer.

Because they already have a bunch of user in Philippines and Indonesia, and are currently trying to expand to Mexico and Japan.

Say, to provide a good native app experience for developing country’s user, we have to consider a lot of stuff(ex) cache, performance, binary size).

I’ve never experienced such a challenge and that is one of the reason I decided to join.


Quipper has 5 offices around the world, London, Manilla, Jakarta, Tokyo and Mexico city.

Different background people gather and push so hard to make the world better with education.

I love such an international environment and I heard that there is an unique system that product team people can work at other office up to 3 months if they want to. Awesome!


As I said Quipper has been growing up so quickly. I mean, we’re hiring!

We have a dev team in London, Tokyo and Manilla and recruit Web/iOS/Android developer and UI designer.

Why not join us and solve educational problem with sexy technology? Come on!!