Droidcon Krakow 2015

December 24, 2015 conferene lang-en

From 12/4 to 12/6, there was a Droidcon at Krakow, Poland and I joined it.

May be Krakow isn’t famous in Japan, but I heard it’s kinda like Kyoto, historic and distinctive city in Poland.

The conference was really awesome and I guess half of speakers came from out side of Poland(at least Germany, Italy, France, US, Turkey, Ukraine and Japan!). and sponsors were also global, SoundCloud from Berlin, Genymobile from Paris and many other.

Actually this is my first English talk, so I had been so nervous but anyway I did it! I talked about the mechanism and workaround of runtime permissions, and introduced PermissionsDispatcher 2.0.


All of(most of?) talks were held in Engish and there was a bunch of modern topic like RxJava, Kotlin, Material Design, App Invite, Data Binding and so on.

And I am so pretty glad to talked with cool developers, @hamen, @KKonrad1987, @KseniiaS, @protechman, @ewilly1, @Nilhcem,@kodipe, @sasa_sekulic and @fernando_cejas. They are so smart.

Again, I really enjoyed the Droidcon Krakow 2015 and learned a lot of stuff. I really appreciate for @droidconkr’s great work!

I’m looking forward to the next year:D