DroidKaigi 2016

February 28, 2016 conferene lang-en

From 2/18/2016 to 2/19/2016, there was one Android conference which is called DroidKaigi in Tokyo.

Say, why am I writing such a thing? Because I’m one of the member of DroidKaigi and I definitely want to tell you about its awesomeness.

And I know some guys will post a Japanese article soon, so I’m going to try to explain it in English:)

Talks and Speakers

I’m not sure the exact number but there were almost 45 talks in two days.

Their contents included many different themes like RxJava, View, Design, Dev tools, Testing, Hardware, Kotlin, i18n and many other.

I don’t dive into each session in this blog post(because there is a lot!), but we’ll add these links to official web site soon and you can check them quickly from the below link.

I really appreciate for his great work!

And one thing I have to mention is there were some speakers from outside of Japan!

Actually I could not expect such a situation at all but anyway, we got awesome speakers!

English talks were held by Joshua Jamison, Brenda Cook, Chiu-Ki Chan, Emanuele Zattin, Huyen Tue Dao and Siena Aguayo.

And surprisingly some of them tried to hear and answer for Japanese questions!

I really appreciated for their cooperation and challenge.

Of course there was a bunch of amazing Japanese talks, so we’ll also post all talks to YouTube channel.

It might take a little bit time so please subscribe the below channel and stay tuned:D


Somehow we finished development and released official apps of DroidKaigi, but there is one miracle secret story.

To be honest, we had not finished less than half percentage of development at the beginning of February(excuse: there was a ton of thing we had to do then…).

But one hero appeared in front of us, @konifar. Actually he had been creating DroidKaigi app as his session’s material!

We talked a little bit and decided to make it official one and be open source.

At the same time we released alpha version via DeployGate and announced that please report a bug or issue to GitHub repository.

To make a long story short, we got over 300 issues and pull requests!

This is the open source power and we succeeded to make development more faster and get feedback quicly. Absolutely amazing experience for us.

You can get entire source code from the below link, and there are some interesting approaches with modern libaries in this app.

If you are interested in please check it out.


I remember cool sponsors, cute sweets, delicious lunch, sushi master(itamae), nice venue….I can’t say everything in this place but I would like to say we really appreciate for all the supporters and participants.


The DroidKaigi 2016 was finished and it was pretty awesome.

And it is not the end, we would like to make next DroidKaigi more great one.

So, please give us your honest feedback!

Here is the link and we are going to use your opinion for more improvement of next conference quality.

Again, we really appreciate all the speakers and participants of this conference.

I hope we will see you again in the next time:)

Thank you.